Every current County Librarian/County Library Director in the State of California is eligible to be a member of the California County Librarians Association (CCLA). There are no institutional memberships available at this time.

The organization goal is to serve its membership and membership is restricted to currently appointed County Librarians/County Library Directors in the State of California. (*See exceptions noted below.)

Current annual individual membership dues are: $35 per year. Membership dues support items as approved by a vote of the CCLA membership, such as the annual meeting, monetary support of scholarships for library students or technology support for the CCLA website.

For more information about membership or to submit your annual dues, please contact CCLA Secretary/Treasurer Carolyn Brooks at: .

There are 45 County Libraries in California. The County Libraries highlighted in bold below have an active dues paying member representative in 2021.

California’s County Libraries:

*Library Directors of JPA libraries providing services to counties may also participate in CCLA:

*Library Directors in counties operating library services under contract with cities may also participate in CCLA:

*Library Directors in Independent Special District Libraries serving counties may also participate in CCLA:

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Other individuals who wish to support CCLA may make a contribution to support the organization. (Please note:  As a 501(c)4 organization, CCLA is not eligible to receive deductible charitable contributions. Contributions to the organization are not deductible for federal income tax purposes as charitable contributions. Consult a tax professional or your accountant for more information.)